Event Registration


Event Registration
Maximising Attendance.

The purpose of events is to gather people together and attendance is the foundation of any successful event so we have simplified the event access process ensuring conversions and an optimised registration process.
As attendance is one of the most important event KPIs, our UAE event managers keep event registration high on their agenda throughout the event planning and implementation process to maximise your event ROI. Working with our Dubai marketing and communications team, our event planners create an event communications plan that converts moderate interest to solid attendance and using latest event registration software and ticketing systems, streamlines the registration process for all stakeholders.
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Important Items to consider

Event Registration Process

We understand that event registration and event attendance is not the same measurement so we customise our highly effective, unique event registration strategy to your specific requirements to assure attendance.

Event Registration Software

We use only the latest event technology that integrates all event aspects including event registration to customise and simplify the event onboarding process, guest interaction and the event journey for delegates.

Event Communications

By optimising your brand collateral, we create a series of engaging content on all platforms including social, targeted email campaigns, website and event applications to consistently reinforce your event’s call to action.

Event Ticketing

Using our own inhouse event ticketing system and ensuring that we strike the appropriate balance in ticketing options for your event, we make it easy for your prospective delegates to commit to attending early on.

Attendee Logistics

Combing the talents of our conference and destination management teams, our 360 approach to delegate management, from booking to completion surveys, simplifies all aspects of event and attendee administration.

Delegate Networking

Experience has shown us the value of connections made at both off and online events and we ensure that the tools we offer for delegate integration create a private social network for meaningful event engagement.

We're always ready for a challenge.

Fresh Ideas

We consistently test current and seek new methods to expand the reach of our event registration tools and communications and use only the best-in-class event software and technology to deliver a wider audience.

Unique Registrations

Our exclusive event registration procedure and in-house ticketing options, designed solely for our clients’ convenience, are constantly updated for delegates to register and commit to event attendance easily.

We’re ready to connect you – We successfully coordinate:

Event Ticketing & Registration Conversions
Attendee Scheduling & Event Logistics
Event Networking & Interaction
Event Analytics & Realtime Registration Data

We work with leading global organisations and have earned a solid reputation in consistently exceeding their expectations in live, hybrid, experiential and corporate event management.

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