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Professional Event Management is vital for successful events in the UAE and proper event management means all event planning, production, budgeting, communication and administration will be smooth running.
Planning and managing stand out events in the UAE can be challenging with the high level of creativity to be found here however with our professional and innovative approach combined with your vision and strategy, we produce unique events that astound attendees and surpass your expectations. Our Dubai based event management team use a project management approach to diligently set planning goals to achieve success, maintain budget and ensure your key event metrics are exceeded to strengthen your brand reputation.
Dubai Virtual & Hybrid Events

Important Items to consider

Event Planning

Our process based event management team build on your brand and event objectives to create an event content strategy and operations plan that is adhered to in the full implementation of your event experience.

Event Production

From event health and safety to staging and AV, we have an production team with all required areas of event expertise to proficiently deliver exceptional event architecture, sensory experiences, décor and AV services.

Event Technology

Working hand in hand with our event producers, our event tech team use the latest event applications and engagement tools to deliver the event technology infrastructure that’s specific to your event requirements.

Live Event Management

We source and transform the event space into your event narrative with the guest journey forefront to our careful consideration, planning and production of your event to create an experience that inspires attendees.

Online Event Management

Applying the same meticulous event planning process as live events and giving you a unified solution to implementing excellent virtual and hybrid events, we automate safe, secure and technologically sound events.

Event Evaluation

We consistently seek and use event intelligence throughout the concept, planning and execution stages of the event to inform real time updates and improvements, and post event to future proof event campaigns.

We're always ready for a challenge.

Fresh Event Ideas

Aligning new event management thinking and products with over 25 years of traditional event planning methods, we have the full collection of skills and creativity to deliver bespoke extraordinary events.

Unique Event Designs

With an increasing amount of event tools available, still nothing accounts for event industry experience and talent and we have both in abundance to design the perfect event or experience for your organisation.

We’re ready to plan for you. We successfully produce:

Event Production & Technology
Event Staging & Production Infrastructure
Event Décor & Sensory Atmospherics
Event Insights & Intelligence
Venue Sourcing & Management
Event Communications & Attendee Management
Destination Management & Business Tourism

We work with leading global organisations and have earned a solid reputation in consistently exceeding their expectations in live, hybrid, experiential and corporate event management.

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