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Event Marketing
Creating Consumer Communities!

Consumers are constantly bombarded with mass media communications so we cut through the noise with clever, thought provoking and results orientated event marketing campaigns that excite and entertain.
With so much media, it’s vital for brands to distinguish themselves in a shareable way. Our event marketing professionals will connect you to your customers in a meaningful and lasting way. Combining our team’s event management expertise with the latest marketing engagement tools, we manage your brand’s event marketing plan from creative conception to post event evaluation. Event Marketing in Dubai captures a diverse domestic and international consumer and we’re here to help you develop relationships with them!
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Important Items to consider

Event Insights

We establish your event goals and design an insights programme built on audience interaction, event social networking, in-event surveys and event app technology that will inform your objectives in real time.

Event Value Proposition

Our goal is to ensure your event offers clear benefits to your audience so we thoroughly establish your event value proposition and design the event with your audience and your strategy as the priority focus.

Event Marketing Design & Digital

Using superior design skills, our creatives develop strong digital marketing plans for your event, through a dedicated website, social media and e-marketing, before, during and after, to maximise results.

Sponsorships & Corporate Partnerships

Sponsorship and Corporate partnerships are key to successful marketing events and we carefully align your brand with the most commercially advantageous ambassadors and influencers to ensure better event ROI.

Event Marketing Strategy

We put your overall marketing strategy to the fore of your event marketing ideation, data discovery and event content creation to develop an event strategy that strongly complements your corporate goals.

Event Marketing Evaluation

We set ambitious but realistic targets for your event and consistently measure our activity against your goals and the agreed event plan in real time and post event to ensure that you are achieving significant event ROI

We're always ready for a challenge.

Fresh Marketing Ideas

We’re always looking at new communication methods in event production to put your product front and centre of your market to develop long term consumer relationships, gain insights and futureproof your brand.

Unique Event Marketing

Our flexible and convenient marketing event production is designed to best promote your brand, convey your key messages, connect you to your community in a meaningful way and demonstrate results.

Interactively Promoting your Brand! We successfully produce:

Media Drops & Celebrity Endorsements
Event Marketing & Consumer Outreach
Sponsorship & Corporate Partnerships
Demonstrations & Presentations
Interactive Trade Shows & Expos
Client Appreciation & VIP Events
Recruitment Events & Association Representation

We work with leading global organisations and have earned a solid reputation in consistently exceeding their expectations in live, hybrid, experiential and corporate event management.

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