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Virtual Event or Hybrid Event…What’s best for your team?

Virtual Event or Hybrid Event…What’s best for your team?

Virtual Event or Hybrid Event…What’s best for your team?

2020 saw a dramatic life shift but working remotely existed pre-pandemic and seems to be here to stay!  A recent survey of CFOs revealed that 74% plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the pandemic ends.  We now connect in a new way and companies are seeking ways to engage their remote teams in safe and interactive virtual event spaces.   

Many organisations had already been using online event platforms, however they came into their own during the pandemic when every aspect of business interaction became virtual.  Staff engagement was questionable however once online capabilities were proven and users became comfortable in the digital space, it became the new event normal.  

Event producers reacted swiftly and sought sophisticated ways to customise and secure live streaming and broadcasting, particularly for corporate events.  So, now we’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, what will work as we emerge from the pandemic into our new way of working? 

Online Events 

Online or virtual events, are events produced on an online platform with attendees participating remotely.  While online has been a necessity during the pandemic, many multinationals have found that online events have delivered cost savings and reduced the logistical nightmare of attendee travel.  This has been particularly welcome for those businesses for which the pandemic impacted the bottom line.  It also speaks to many companies CSR commitments as less travel means less carbon emissions and allows staff to strike a work life balance. The benefits of Online events can often seem very attractive but can virtual replace the connectivity that in-person events gives us?

Hybrid Events

Nothing will replace humans’ primal need to connect in person however where this is not possible for all attendees, hybrid events are the next best thing!   Hybrid events are a combination of in-person and remote attendance and where safety and cost per attendee is important, hybrid events, enabled by multimedia technology offer an environment conducive to company requirements and guest preferences.  The energy and atmosphere of an in-person event is generated by the small amount of guests participating onsite, for the virtual audience.

What type of Corporate Online Events are there?

Advances in technology has been the key enabler of pandemic events and event managementexperiential marketingentertainmentteam buildingconference and destination management all work relatively well online.  Most events can be staged in a virtual or hybrid environment and many companies have found that attendance, particularly on a global level, spikes when implemented online, simply due to convenience. 

Corporate Events that work great online:  

Online events have proven to be a viable and sometimes more efficient engaging tool however there will always be a need for physical human connection.  According to a study by Forbes, 85% of respondents said they build more meaningful business relationships during in-person events so in-person won’t be replaced anytime soon.  Companies can however now choose what works for them and that flexibility is invaluable!

Talk to us about Virtual Event or Hybrid Events

We regularly produce virtual events in the UAE and beyond and support some of the largest multinationals in achieving their event objectives online.  We were delighted to work with many companies on their Annual Event and you can read more here in our featured projects section Talk to us today about how we can increase your event attendance and audience engagement with our seamless online event production and creative content creation.