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Staff Engagement and Team Building Post Pandemic

Staff Engagement and Team Building Post Pandemic

Staff Engagement and Team Building Post Pandemic

Defined as the process of bringing individuals together to develop a cohesive, productive team, organising team building has been challenging recently. Employee on-boarding and staff engagement however are essential elements of business, in fact, research suggests they increase profitability by 23% and lower absenteeism by 81%.  Dubai offers the perfect environment for both indoor and outdoor staff engagement as the diverse event venues, facilities and reliable weather provides huge variety in team building activities but a post pandemic world, how do we connect staff now ?

What’s Corporate Team Building Anyway?

A corporate team building event is an event that meets organisational  touchpoints with an agenda of carefully planned team pursuits.  Smart organisations know that entertaining, educating, and connecting colleagues outside their normal work environment elevates performance and facilitates personal growth.  A common goal or team activity promotes collaboration, communication and trust and corporate team-building activities are a sound method to achieve this. With increased safety considerations around in person events now and for the future, what options do HR teams have to connect staff?

Team Building in the UAE 

Organisations in the UAE are spoilt for choice when it comes to traditional in-person, hybrid and virtual team building due to the range of exclusive venues, engagement facilities, event expertise and team building activities on offer. In particular, Dubai presents endless opportunities to suit any event size and budget.  The UAE also offers an international and eclectic environment exposing staff to global cultural activities that acknowledge diversity in organisations, encourage staff engagement and reinforce internal relationships.   

Types of Team Building 

Indoor Team Building – With constant great weather in the UAE, demand for indoor team building wouldn’t be expected however environmental factors play a major role in the success of your team building event.  If a more cerebral teambuilding activity is identified to meet your event objectives, cool, calm indoor environments are conducive to good mental focus.  Dubai offers some of the most inclusive, well equipped and lavish venues in the UAE and even the world so every event is scalable and there is no activity that cannot be accommodated.  With restrictions gradually lifting and confidence restored, there will be increased need for employees to reconnect in person. 

Outdoor Team Building  – Is there a better location for outdoor team building than Dubai?  With access to the sea, dunes and reliable weather, physical activities are successfully implemented through excellent local facilities that inspire customised events. With a broad range of corporate away day activities that will test abilities and promote a healthy sense of competition, companies can comfortably develop their employee engagement and wellness programmes.  Now that we can socialise again, organisations can capitalise on the benefits of in person open air interaction in the UAE. 

Hybrid and Virtual Team Building – When we consider team building, we don’t automatically think virtual or hybrid events!  These types of events however offer huge cost benefits and allow for convening much bigger, international teams in a safe, convenient way.  Digital gamification and learning through AI has paved the way for efficacious team building in the virtual space and hybrid events offers the best of both worlds when organisations do not want to forego in person connection completely. As society moves online, most of us are now desensitised to virtual experiences with most organisations increasingly incorporating virtual and hybrid events in their events plan. 

Best Team Building Activities

We are most productive when our task is fun!  The quirkiest team building concepts often attract the most interest and with many of these coming in a full event theme package (all you have to do is turn up!) they can offer the most memorable ways to challenge staff – Popular team building packages include: 

  • Gamification & Team Survival Challenges 
  • Virtual Away Days & Remote Team Building 
  • Company CSI & Murder Mystery Events 
  • Mobile Escape Rooms & Inflatable Activity Challenges
  • Creative Tech Challenges & GPS Treasure Hunts 
  • Nation Builder & Krypton Factor Challenge 
  • Team Sporting Events & Water Based Activities 
  • Outdoor Activity Days & Extreme Sports 
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