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LET THERE BE LIGHT!  Why is lighting so important for events.

LET THERE BE LIGHT!  Why is lighting so important for events.


  • Your event venue is confirmed 
  • The theme décor is chosen 
  • The pre and post dinner entertainment is booked 
  • The catering menus are finalised
  • You’re all set…or are you?  

One of the most underrated and overlooked elements of an event is lighting however it‘s often fundamental to event success. Creative event lighting can set the tone and atmosphere for your event and even make event spaces appear bigger or smaller depending on the requirement however it’s often disregarded due to budgetary considerations or simply inexperience in event planning.  

The Power of Light 

Events aside, scientific studies have proven that light (or the lack of it) has the ability to affect human emotions and mood – at the most basic level we are naturally programmed to rise with the sun and seek darkness for sleep.  Light can relax or energise and it’s intensity and colour can influence human feelings  – just think how hard it is to sleep after scrolling through your phone!  This effect can be cleverly harnessed and manipulated to drive the success of any event!  

What can Specialist Lighting Do for your Event?

Good event lighting design can truly set your event apart, create awe inspiring impact and turn simple venue fixtures and fittings into glowing event features.  As a mood enhancer, it also helps motivate your audience towards a particular set of actions or feelings, especially useful for experiential events or customer focused occasions, and should always be part of the event planning process.  

Operationally, your choice of venue should always have the capabilities for your event lighting design.  There can often be an assumption that the event venue lighting will be sufficient and this is not the case. A good event producer will always be able to advise on a great cost effective lighting design and deliver it too. Different types of events require carefully planned lighting designs,  for example bright lighting is always required for business events and conferences where audience alertness is a must.  

Specialist event lighting lifts an event from mundane to exceptional by creating the required ambiance whether it’s a dramatic or sublime mood that’s desired – for example, festoon lighting can give a relaxed outdoor festival effect whereas a bright LED lightshow will energise a long lasting party atmosphere.  Light design can augment the venue space, creating or diffusing depth and space, and it can also enhance the other elements of the event like event theme and décor. Lighting can really add character to the theme, delivering over and above on the event objectives and making efficient use of the venue facilities and surrounds. 

Event Lighting Design 

Event types are diverse, a teambuilding event will differ greatly to a conference, and therefore lighting design must suit the event purpose to generate the required audience response. From an event operations point of view, consideration must be given to event elements such as whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, the event purpose, the space to be illuminated or shaded, attendance and the power availability and location and rigging must be planned around that. Lighting will also sometimes complement event sound, music and entertainment so lighting design must be part of a holistic approach to the entire event and is intrinsic to event planning.

Some of the Types of Lighting include:







Moving Lights

Natural – Candles/Centre pieces etc 

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With over 25 years in international event production we pride ourselves on creating and producing magical lighting designs that transform simple events into sparkling spectacles. Dubai is a city of light and our world-class lighting design and production ignites the events we manage here and across The UAE in an inventive, safe and sustainable way. 

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